What is BIOFUEL?

BioFuel or Bioethanol or Ethanol is pure alcohol. Its combustion is clean, with no soot, ash or harmful emissions. Therefore, no need for a flue – no heat lost up the chimney!

Where does it come from?

Ethanol is created through a fermentation process of the sugar and starch components of plant by-products – mainly crops like grain or sugar cane, using yeast. As well as corn and rice along with many others, including whey….which is what ours is made from.

What makes it eco-friendly?

It is a renewable liquid fuel, made from agricultural by-products and is clean burning. It emits no smoke, sparks or harmful emissions. The amount of Co2 emitted is minute and the tiny amount of steam generated will not cause condensation.

What makes it sustainable?

The emissions from bioethanol are heat, steam and a small amount of carbon dioxide, which is readily absorbed by plants. This makes bioethanol truly carbon neutral.

Where do I buy it?

From Lounge Around!
When you purchase your new biofuel fire you get 4 litres of fuel FREE*.
We have 4L and 20L bottles available for individual sale, to keep you stocked up!

*Fuel not included when items on promotion.