Why would I choose your Rattan Furniture over others ?

There are many different qualities of (polyethylene) Rattan available. We use a very thick, high grade polyethylene with extra strong UV inhibitors, which are absolutely essential in our extremely harsh sun.

This ensures your furniture lasts longer and stays looking great for years to come.

We use very strong, powder coated aluminium framing so NO rusting.

We offer a 3 yr Warranty

How good are your Cushion fabrics ?

We only use the highest quality outdoor fabrics available on the market today.  Sunproof Olefin for example, features high UV resistance, as well as stain, water and chlorine resistance and is very hard wearing.

This ensures your cushions stay looking good year after year, not just the first year!

For easy maintenance and cleaning, covers can be unzipped and removed, washed in cold water and line dried. No harsh chemicals required, just regular laundry detergent.

Do you use Quick Dry Foam in your cushions ?

Yes, we use premium Marine Grade, reticulated (quick dry) foam for our base cushions. Water runs freely through the foam and because no water is retained in the cushion, this means NO wet, mouldy or mildewy cushions.

This ensures that not only will your fabric stay looking good and last a lot longer, but that you can use your furniture very quickly after a heavy shower.

Can I buy with confidence Online ?

Yes! You can buy online with total security and confidence.

We endeavour to respond quickly to all enquiries and orders. Any deliveries are dealt with in a timely manner.

Where do you Deliver to ?

We deliver to private residences and business locations throughout New Zealand. We can also work with you to arrange any deliveries to the Pacific Islands.