Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose your Rattan Furniture over others ?

There are many different qualities of ( polyethylene ) Rattan, we use a Very Thick, High Grade of Polyethylene with extra strong UV inhibitors which are absolutely essential in our extremely harsh Sun and this will keep your furniture looking great and last longer than the others.

We use Very Strong Powder Coated Aluminium Framing so NO Rusting.

We offer a 3 yr Guarantee.

How good are your Cushion fabrics ?

We use one of the Highest Quality Fabrics ( Sunproof Olefin ) available on the market today with Strong UV Resistance, Anti Stain, Water Resistance, Chlorine Resistance and is Very Tough Wearing this is vital if you dont want to have your cushions look terrible after the first season. We do NOT use cheaper Spuncrylic or Polyester fabrics.

Do you use Quick Dry Foam in your cushions ?

Yes we use a Premium Marine Grade ( Reticulated ) Quick Dry Foam for our Base cushions so absolutly No water is retained in the cushion this means NO moldy wet cushions, your fabric will last a lot longer and you can use your cushions very quickly after a heavy shower.

Can I buy with confidence Online ?

Yes absolutely you can buy Online with total security and confidence and we will insure you have an immediate response from us and your furniture is sent to you quickly.

Where do you Deliver to ?

We deliver to Homes and Commercial Ventures ALL over New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.